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Company Spotlight: TRISTAN TAKACS

Company Spotlight: Meet Tristan Takacs

From Hamilton, NJ, Tristan was recommended to Music Mountain Theatre by his friend and fellow MMT performer, Jen Gursky, when we were needing a replacement for our production of Sweet Charity at Washington Crossing Open Air Theatre. He has been involved with our shows and theatre ever since 2015.

Tristan currently works full time with us at Music Mountain Theatre as our Assistant Stage Manager and is one of our set designers. When he is not seen on-stage in a show, he can be found building set pieces, managing set changes backstage, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and safely behind the scenes during performances.

On-stage with us at MMT, he notes that “Playing Usnavi during In The Heights was a dream come true for me.” He adds, “The only other role I have played at Music Mountain that has been just as fun was Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Show.” His favorite show at MMT that he was not a part of was A Chorus Carol because “The cast and show blew me away.” Tristan has just a handful of dream shows and roles. “Off the top of my head, I’d love to play Billy Flynn in Chicago, Zach in A Chorus Line, and Kevin in In The Heights.”

When asked the best part about being involved at Music Mountain Theatre, Tristan says “Besides the free cheese on opening nights, it’s the people.” Adding “They’re kind and ready to accept anyone in to their big theatre family.” “I’ve been so grateful to be a part of some incredible productions that you couldn’t get at many other theaters. The quality of shows is unmatched/“

Outside of the theatre, his biggest love in the world has been Pokemon, even when he was a kid. He also loves writing and is a big Dungeons and Dragons fan. Tristan also enjoys sports and is a die-hard Phillies, Eagles, and Phillies fan.

We are so grateful that Tristan was recommended to us back when we were in need of a replacement and to have him as a company and staff member here at Music Mountain Theatre! Tristan is currently playing young Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, playing its final performances on December 9 - 11.

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