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Company Spotlight: RHETT COMMODARO

MMT Company Spotlight: Meet Rhett Commodaro

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre from DeSales University, Rhett took a step back from performing to be a director of a local high school theatre program. A few years later, he realized he missed being on stage and wanted to give performing a try again. As a Bucks County native, he knew of the Open-Air Theatre at Washington Crossing and, after auditioning for us, performed in 10 shows during our time outdoors. Out of the 21 shows he has performed in her at our new home in Music Mountain Theatre, Rhetts favorite role to date has been Harold Hill in the Music Man, and a dream role he would love do do in the future would be playing Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

His connection to live theatre started at just six years old when he saw his first musical, The Secret Garden. Interestingly enough, that show was eventually the first musical he performed in as an adult. Now as an active member of our resident company, when asked about the best thing that comes with being involved at MMT, Rhett notes, “Adults need to play as much as children do. Music Mountain Theatre is a great place to play, collaborate, and create art with a wonderful group of people.” He continues, “No matter where life takes you, theatre can always be a part of your life.”

Outside of the theatre, Rhett is an early childhood instructional coach who enjoys cooking, traveling, and horror movies.

We are so fortunate that Rhett found his way to the Open Air Theatre, and has stayed with us as a part of Music Mountain Theatre and as a valued company member. You can currently see Rhett in our cast of La Cage Aux Folles playing through July 3!

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