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Company Spotlight: RACHEL FINGLES

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

MMT Company Spotlight: Meet Rachel Fingles

By day, Rachel is a family law attorney in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. By night, you can currently catch her in our production of The Vagina Monologues playing on weekends through September 11. She is also a proud Music Mountain Theatre board member and we are so happy to have Rachel as part of the MMT family both on stage and off.

Rachel’s friend and teacher, Anna Hentz, spent 17 years encouraging her to get back into theatre and, having performed with Louis and Jordan many years ago, Music Mountain Theatre became the perfect fit for Rachel and her family. She first joined us during our production of Carousel in 2021, and since then has also appeared in Elf and The Sound of Music.

The best thing about being involved at MMT? “The people I spend time with at the theater have become a new family. Everyone is kind, supportive, and wonderful to spend time with. Not only do I get to perform with these talented people, I get to perform with my daughters, Lily and Julia. Having that kind of an opportunity is making it possible to create precious memories with and for my girls.”

When asked about her biggest takeaway from working with Music Mountain Theatre Rachel notes, “My biggest takeaway is the respect I have for every cast member, no matter how small or large their part, and the respect I have for the people who make the shows possible behind the stage.” She continues, “Putting together these productions in 3 short weeks is an incredible feat and it can't be done without everyone!”

Outside of performing on our stage, she loves to see many Broadway shows with her best friends and kids, as well as visiting her brother and sister in Los Angeles and Illinois. Rachel also tutors kids for their bar and bat mitzvahs, is active on the board of her synagogue, and takes karaoke very seriously.

Don't forget to catch Rachel on stage in The Vagina Monologues beginning this Friday, and keep an eye out for her onstage in A Christmas Story this November!

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