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Company Spotlight: LAUREN WAKSMAN

MMT Company Spotlight: Meet Lauren Waksman!

After performing as a child and participating in both choir and marching band in High School, Lauren was missing the spotlight. She decided to look for some local theatre companies and when she found our former home, DPAC, she signed up to come for an audition. After almost missing her audition due to post-vacation exhaustion, Lauren was able to come show us her best 32 bars and has been with us ever since. We are so glad that she found us on her search back to the stage and are honored to be called her “forever theatre family!”

Being in our current production of The Producers marks Lauren’s 18th show with MMT, her favorite being The Diary of Anne Frank, in which she played the role of Edith Frank. Lauren shares, “I felt unbelievably connected to her. She’s so reserved, but she doesn’t let people walk all over her. She cares deeply for her family and wants to do everything in her power to protect them.” She continues, “This show taught me so many things and it truly was a once in a lifetime experience with the amazing cast

and crew that we had.” On a completely different note, her other favorite musical is Mama Mia just because “its the best!” and Donna Sheridan also happens to be her ultimate dream role.

Lauren can pick her favorite show she has seen at MMT without hesitation. A Christmas Carol, which she always tries to see many times each year because it’s just that special and it is her “favorite holiday thing ever!” When asked about her biggest takeaway from working with Music Mountain Theatre, Lauren shares, “I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to me than my everyday life. I’ve played roles I never

would have given to myself in a million years, and I loved all of them.” She continues “I love exploring different characters, even if they are nothing like me. It’s probably my favorite thing about acting.” Lauren also appreciated the sense of family and community that surrounds MMT. This is not just backstage, but carries over to audience members as well. “I’ve gotten to talk to so many patrons who come to see our shows, and they always say this place feels like home. I couldn’t agree more.”

Outside of MMT, Lauren is a big Star Trek fan and a Swiftie who enjoys reading, crocheting, drinking coffee, watching figure skating and traveling. She can also occasionally be found on our Music Mountain Theatre TikTok account and is excited to try her hands at some offstage positions in the near future!

We are proud to be a home away from home for Lauren, and so glad she found the post-vacation energy to audition for us many years ago. Be sure to come and see Lauren as Shirley Markowitz in our final weekend of The Producers, and look for her this summer in our upcoming production of La Cage!

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