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Company Spotlight: JOAN HOFFMAN

MMT Company Spotlight: Meet Joan Hoffman

Joan first came to hear about Music Mountain Theatre when her voice teacher had some students auditioning for our shows at the open-air theatre in 2013. Her voice teacher suggested to Joan that she should audition too, and she was cast in our production of Crazy for You that summer as well as Into the Woods!

As we moved indoors to our new home here in Lambertville, Joan was on hand to help us with painting and cleaning during our construction phase and was part of the cast in our very first show in the theatre, Phantom. She also loves to volunteer her time as an usher so she can get to know our audiences and subscribers, as well as provide us with some potential props and costumes from time to time.

When asked about being involved at Music Mountain Theatre, Joan notes, “I call MMT my happy place. It really is. It is impossible to be down when you’re there with that theatre and people.” She continues, “The positive energy generated at MMT is extraordinary. They don’t need a generator if the power goes out because they can power the place with positive vibes!”

Joan's biggest takeaway from working at MMT can be described with one word: Magic! “Every show comes together in record time with minimal rehearsals, and always looks and sounds wonderful. Everybody is on the same page, working hard for a common goal of a great show.” She adds, “Actors come in prepared and almost off book for the first rehearsal. Beautiful costumes, props, and sets magically appear. Lighting and sound are done perfectly. Everybody does their best to make it happen. It truly is like working with a team of magicians AND everybody is fun and nice while they’re doing it. It’s Amazing.”

Outside of MMT, Joan loves taking care of wild birds that come to her feeders, especially the bluebirds. She also enjoys gardening, puttering with the flowers, walking, listening to Brazilian jazz music (show tunes too!), wine, and being the personal assistant and gala to two cats. Joan is a retired art director at Fortune Magazine. She attended Leonard Bernstein's 60th birthday party and Julia Childs's 80th (no, she didn't bring presents), and also used to be part of an Improv Olympics group in Chicago!

We are so happy Joan took the time to audition for us in 2013, and has remained a part of the MMT family ever since. It’s always a joy to watch Joan on stage from her role as Jeanette in The Fully Monty to our Aunt Eller in Oklahoma and Ouiser in Steel Magnolias. Next, you can come to MMT and see Joan as Etienne in La Cage Aux Folles opening this Friday!

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