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Company Spotlight: EMMA SNEDDON

MMT Company Spotlight: Meet Emma Sneddon

Emma got her start in theatre after one of her friends started performing in shows with us during their middle school years. After seeing her friend in several productions, Emma was captivated! She had never performed before but could feel the joy radiating from the stage to the audience and knew she had to be a part of it. She first auditioned for us in 2013 and has performed with us every season since!

You will, of course, find Emma on stage throughout the season, but she is also a valuable member of our front-of-house team and one of the friendly faces you will find working in our box office. We can also always count on her as a volunteer usher when needed, and at one time, Emma was even one of our summer interns that assisted with sets, costumes, children’s theatre, and our summer camps. When not onstage or working in our box office, Emma teaches the second grade.

Having performed in so many productions, Emma has a difficult time choosing a favorite. For her, it’s a tie between A Christmas Carol and Will Roger's Follies. “A Christmas Carol is a Christmas classic, and it is a wonderful and heartwarming tradition that I adore being a part of, and Will Roger's is the most fun I have ever had onstage! I loved learning all the choreography, the costumes were incredible, and the story is just beautiful.” She continues “I would also love to perform in A Chorus Line again! My senior year of high school, our teen show was A Chorus Line, and I have been in love with it ever since!”

When asked about being involved at Music Mountain Theatre, Emma replied, “The best thing about MMT is undoubtedly the community. It is truly my second home. I have found lifelong friends and family through MMT, and I am so grateful for it. I always know that if I am having a bad day, someone there will be able to lift my spirits because that's what we do for each other. I always look forward to my next show!”

Emma's biggest takeaway from working at MMT? Confidence! “I will always be so appreciative of the confidence I have built since performing with MMT and DPAC.” She continues, “With such a welcoming and supportive environment, it is so easy to forget your insecurities and fears and just live in the moment, something I try to do so often now outside of the theatre.”

We are so glad that Emma found her way to performing in 2013 and has continued to join us both onstage and off for many years. You can see Emma in our current running production of “Viva Las Vegas” through May 21 and then in “Something Rotten” this June!

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