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Company Spotlight: COLBY LANGWEILER

MMT Company Spotlight: Meet Colby Langweiler

Colby did a handful of shows as a child, but didn’t really get in to performing on stage until after college. She learned about our open-air theatre productions through some friends but it took her some time to get the confidence to audition because she was so blown away by the talent of our performers. She met and spent some time with some of our cast members, and they became friends and were finally able to convince Colby to audition for us back in 2015. Her first show with DPAC/MMT was Legally Blonde and she has been performing with us ever since!

When asked the best part about being involved at Music Mountain Theatre, Colby says that it’s the quick rehearsal process. “At MMT you definitely have to put in the time and work between rehearsals. I really enjoy the research aspect of theater, so I like doing my background preparation, learning my lines, and coming in ready to work. I've also met a number of really great friends (and even some roommates) at MMT.” She also mentions that the biggest takeaway from working with us here at MMT has been being able to discover other sides of her as a performer. Adding that "If anyone told me a few years ago that I would enjoy doing plays as much as I do, I would not have believed them. Plays really intimidated me, but now it's something I absolutely love and very much look forward to doing whenever I get the opportunity!”

When not on our stage, Colby can sometimes be found upstairs running the spot light during numerous shows. “My favorite show to run spot for was the Last Five Years because the show was just incredible and I got to work with on the tech end with some of my favorite people.”

By day, she is the Associate Director of Admissions at George School, where she recruits and interviews students. Outside of work, Colby enjoys reading books and plays, eating cupcakes, playing with crafts, crafting, sewing, hiking, as well as trying and reviewing many treats and special coffee drink orders on her instagram stories!

We are so happy that Colby finally auditioned for us back in 2015 and has stayed a part of our MMT family ever since, being in over 20 productions with us so far…and counting! You can currently see her as part of our amazing cast of The Vagina Monologues playing its final weekend this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Be sure to also keep an eye out for Colby onstage throughout the rest of our season in Thoroughly Modern Millie and A Christmas Carol!

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