Our Donors

Thank you to our generous donors:

Founder $10,000 - $20,000

John Martinsons

The Glassman Family & Wedgwood Inn of New Hope

Champion $5,000 - $9,999

Mark Braverman

The DiDonato Family

Marian Disken

Steve and Lisa Gumenick

The Mahar Family


Greg and Carol Landis

The Whitman Family

Benefactor $1,000 - $4,999

A Friend of DPAC


Michael Andersen

Joseph Barry

Blue Skies Above WebCenters

Ginny Brennan

Ty Brennan

Anthony Leon Bruno III

The Casts of the Opening Season at MMTMusic Mountain Theatre 

Tess Cathey-Jordan

Church & Dwight

The Cobb Family

The Commodaro Family

Lori Dribbon

The Flurry Family

Heather Hemphill

Joan Hoffman and Chris Green

Nan Greenberg

Hunterdon County Cultural & Heritage

MacKenna Healy & Family

Janssen (Grant)

Ironstate Development

Johnson & Johnson

The Kacergis Family

Eileen M. Kelly

Thomas and Patricia Lynch

The Madding Family

The Marino Family

The McClellan Family

Merck Foundation

Louis Palena

Leila and Terry Rice

Judith Segers

The Snyder Family

The Stergion Family

Toni Thompson

Antony M. Townsend

The Uchrin Family

Solebury Township Parks and Recreation

TYCO Corporation

The Zannikos Family

Patron $200 - $999

The Alumni Cast of Heathers 2016




The Bancroft Family

Patricia Barile

The Beasley Family

The Beckman Family

Cameron Bennett

Sophie Bennett

Frances Carlisle

The Cast of A Christmas Carol 2016

The Cast of Hairspray 2017

The Cenci Family

Lorraine Christman

Clara Coan, in honor of The Madding Family

Catherine A. Coryat

Megan Craig

Sharon and Ray Daikeler

Michael A. Danchak

Alfred DiBona

Donald Dickson

Micky Dominick

Micky & Peggy Dominick

Dr.Julia Donahue

The Dorfman Family

Robert Duaime

MaryAnne Edwards

Richard Egan

Catherine Emery

The English Family

Michelle Esser

Andrea B. Fetzer

A. Bryan Fisher

The Flurry Family

The Frankenbach Family

The Frankhouser Family

The Franklin Family

The Garafola Family

Cass Garner

Robert C. Gaynor

Elizabeth Goslin 

Leland & Betty Goslin

The Gregorovic Family

Janet Gregorovic

The Griffith Family

John Griffith

Jane Griffith

Jackie Hemphill

Anna Hentz

The Hentz Family

Tyler Hentz

Virginia Hill

Debbie & Jerry Hische - In honor of Ginny

Joan Hoffman and Chris Green

Nancy Honan

The Honan Family

Cadi Houck

The Howe Family

The Hsiao Family

Betty Jane Hunt

Jolene and Wayne Hyers

Linda and Jim Kacergis

Dianne M. Kalb

Susan Keeth

Valdora P. Kell

Eileen M. Kelly

Kathy and Skip Kennedy

Patty Kim

The Kim Family

Nan Kerstsein - In honor of Laura Najdzinski

The Kramer Family

Pieter Kreyns

Donna and Michael Lacey

Richard Lamb

The Lamb Family

The Landis Family

Colby Langweiler

La Salle College High School

The Lazarczyk Family

Mary Hazen Lewis

The Lewis Family

Corinne Lindquist

Marguerite Logan

Anya Madding

Madding Family

The Mahar Family

The Marino Family

Olga Maxymuik

The McClellan Family

Patricia McGowan

Annie McLouglin and Finn Douglas

Merck Foundation

2017-2018 MMT Resident Company

MMT Board of Directors

Anthony J. Montaldi

Monthly Musicals of Bucks County 2017

The Moran Family

P. Brendan & Barbara Mulvey

Dawn Musco

April Navazio

Michael Naylor, Karen Weissand and Shawn Stillwell

Oliver, William and Doris Foundation

Christine and Charlie O'Neil

The Palena Siblings

Russ Pine

The Proulx Family

Julie Proulx

Remembering Cindy Cobb

Leila and Terry Rice

Aidan Rice

Christina Richardson

Tina Richardson

Roseland Free Library - Children's Department

Edward and Ruth Rozansky

Sheldon Safir

The Scatena Family

The Schaffer Family

The Scott Family

The Segers Family

Leslie Silver

Erik and Jodi Snyder

Mike and Melissa Stager

Greg Stodolski & Rodrigo Heurtas

Maddie Stubbs & Russ Pine

Peg Thatcher, Bob Duaime & Ginny Hill

Julie Tobias

The Tobias Family

The Thompson Family

Jim and Ann Toole

Antony M. Townsend

Al Troglio

Lisa Tulley c/o Crennel Family Foundation

Christopher Uchrin

The Waxman Family

Martin Weisberg

The West Family

David Whiteman

Kimberly Whiteman

Rosemary Woodfield

Barbara & Richard Yotter

The Zannikos Family

Friends $100 - $199

Maria Aguayo

Sarah Andersen







Chris Baldino

Elizabeth Baldwin

Joseph Barry

The Beckman Family

Carol Berzumato & Fred Carpentier - In honor of Tim!

Rosanne Bonaventura

Lorrianne Brown

Kevin Bulger

Nicole Calabrese

Stuart Carroll and Mike Brown

The Casale Family

James and Anna Marie Casey

Howard and Paula Cell

Kathleen Cenci

Maurice Charles

Lorraine Christman - In honor of Alex and Erin Croce

Wendy Cobb

Mike Danchak

Kathy Dando

Debra Dempsey

Adelaide De Nale

Matthew DiCarlo

Linda Dietze

Tina DiMichele

DiNapoli's Italian Deli

Educational Testing Service

Joseph and Donna Edwards

Darcy Donovan

Seth Epstein

The Esser Family

Catherine Etzel

Majorie JP Evans

Melanie Eyth

Steven P. Fillweber

Lucinda Fisher

Bryan Fisher

Marcia Smith Fleres

Jen Frankenbach

Mindy Freeman

GS Market LLC

Rita & Ed Gallo

Roseann Gawason

Jaimie Geddes

Patrice Glover

Carolyn Gorman

The Gorman Family

Norma Grauwiler

Louis and Donna Greco

Janet Gregorovic

Jane and Ira Grushow

Betty Goslin for Kira Grushow

Leland Goslin for Kira Grushow

The Grushow Family

Carol A. Hawkes

Joan Hoffman

Beatrice Howell

Chia-Tai Hsaio

Jennifer Hsaio

Barbara Kaiser

KDR Hairworks, Inc.

Johnson and Johnson Employee Fund (Chris Stergion)

The Kennedy Family

Joseph Kern

Pamela Kerr

David Kiefer

The Kiefer Family

Patty Kim

The Kleinschmidt Family

Patricia Kowalczyk

Steve Kozik

Lauren Kriegel

La Salle College High School

The Lacasse Family

Donna & Michael Lacey

Lori Lahnemann

Colby Langweiler

C. Susan Larson

Anita and Elycia Leman (In honor of Jason Weiland)

Anita and Elysia Lerman

Barbara Lewis

Frank and Jackie Librera

Sheery Lochestoer

The Lochstoer Family

Barbara Lollin

Anya Madding

Macafee Madding

Amy Mahar

Kate Marro

Collette Martino

Jennifer McClellan

Neil J. McDevitt

James McGowan

Joseph McGowan

Rachel McGowan

Dan McKenna

Ursula Mento

Caroline Miller

Fred Miller Music

Sharon P. Owens

Julie Palena

Laura Pedrick

Annmarie Pepe

Jean C. Pepe

Alayna Rakes

Kim Reese

Cary and Lynn Reimer

Nanci P Remmey

Leila Rice

Deborah Rizzo

Bernadette Rue

Susan Rush

Susie & Dr. Bob Rush

Lynn Walther Rzepka

Sheldon Safir

Mary Schaffer

Robin Seifert

Lauren Seiner

Melanie & Marty Sheehan

The Silberman Family

Elise Smith

Cheri Snook

Scott Steinbock

Lisa & Dean Stephens

Makenna Stergion

In Memory of Julius Stryker

Jennifer Temple

The Tobias Family

Al Troglio

Albert Troglio

Lisa Verga

The Verga Family

The West Family

Sallyann and Richard Whiteman

The Whiteman Family

The Whitman Family

Linda Lew Woo

Rosemary Woodfield

Barbara Yotter

The Zalescik Family

Amy Zannikos

Julianna Zannikos

Nicole Zannikos

Angel Sponsor

Strober-Wright Roofing

Diamond Sponsor

Wedgewood Inn

Gold Sponsor

Shop-Rite, Flemington, NJ

Silver Sponsor

Niece Lumber

Investor's Bank

Flemington Car and Truck Company

Bronze Sponsor

Heath's Service, Inc.

Cornerstone Club

West Amwell Automotive

Anton's at the Swan

Finkle's Hardware


Bangz Salon

Michael Burns Architect

In Kind Donations:

Stockton-Baker Moving Co.

Oxford Communications

Chive Cafe

Clusters Popcorn

Chocolate Box

Kasey Ivan Photography

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