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The Dance Department at Music Mountain Theatre is for dancers of every age. Classes are organized based on ability and years’ experience in each area. Dancers should wear form fitting comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement and hair should be pulled back. Additional requirements for class are at the discretion of the instructor.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these dance classes, or speaking with someone about what the best class for your student is, please call 609-397-3337 or contact Office Manager Julie Palena at: classes@musicmountaintheatre.org

Winter Classes will run from April 15th- June 3rd

1 CLASS $225
2 CLASSES $405
3 CLASSES $600


    Pre-Pointe- Preparation for Pointe------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 5 - 6pm

  • Ballet I - Beginner Basic Technique------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 4:15 - 5pm

    Ballet II- Developing Basic Techniques--------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 5 - 6pm 

  • Ballet III- Applying Technique -----------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 6-7pm 


  • Jazz I- Fundamentals of Jazz ---------------------------------------------------------------------Mondays 6-7pm 

    Jazz II- Developing Basic Technique-------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 7-8pm 

    Jazz III- Applying Technique ---------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 8-9pm 


Tap I- Fundamentals of Tap------------------------------------------------------------------------Mondays 5-6pm 

Tap II- Developing Basic Technique--------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 6-7pm 

Tap III- Applying Technique-----------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 7-8pm 

Adult Tap- An All Ability Class--------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesdays 8-9pm 

  • Dance Cards

Dance Cards are available to anyone who is unable to commit to 1 class for the duration of our winter session. Students may drop into ANY 10 dance classes for $250. 1 dance card is only eligible for use by 1 student.




The Theatre Department at Music Mountain Theatre is for performers between the ages of 3-18. In our theatre classes we work to build a creative, safe, and encouraging environment for all students to express themselves and grow in their artistry whether they are seeking to become theatre professionals or are just looking for a creative outlet.

KINDER ENSEMBLE (Grades Pre-K - 1)

Imagination Creation (Ages 3 – 5)

Tuesday – 10:30 am– 11:15 pm ~ April 16 - June 4

Tuition $175.00 per session

Join Molly as we explore our imagination with fun, interactive exercises, stories, and games that will help stimulate one’s creativity.  Play, explore, and invent an original story through joyous discovery.

Broadway Babies (Grades Pre-K – 1)

Tuesday - 4:15 pm – 5 pm ~ April 16- June 4

Tuition - $175.00 per session

Does your little one love to sing and dance? In Broadway Babies, students will activate their imagination and hone their skills to freely express themselves in this imaginative play class.


Musical Theatre Workshop:  Scenes and Songs (Grades 2-5)

Monday – 5 pm – 6 pm  ~ April 15- June 3

Tuition - $225.00 per session

“A 5, 6, 7, 8!” Young performers in this class will work to flex their singing, dancing, and acting muscles to present a “Scenes and Song” performance of a musical, all while learning what it means to be in a creative ensemble working toward a common goal.


Comedy Improv (Grades 4 – 8)

"Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Wednesday – 5 pm – 6 pm ~ April 17-June 5

Tuition - $225.00 per session

This class is about jumping in, working together, and having fun.  It focuses on developing improvisational skills, a sharp mind, quick wit, and creating better performers.

Musical Theatre Workshop: Broadway Bound (Grades 6 – 7)

Monday -  6 pm – 7 pm ~ April 15- June 3

Tuition $225.00 per session

This class will feature solos and small group numbers from favorite Broadway musicals. Students will learn musical numbers and add their own unique singing.

TEEN ENSEMBLE (Grades 8-12)

Triple Threat/Performance Class (Grades 8 – 12)

Monday – 7 pm – 8:15 pm ~ April 15- June 3

Tuition - $250.00 per session

This class is for performers at every level and will focus on the art of becoming a Triple Threat while learning how to present themselves confidently on and off stage. Students will analyze monologues, act a song, and dance with grace. Performance opportunities may be available.

Acting Techniques Through Monologues, Skits, and Scenes (Grades 6 - 8)

Wednesday – 6 pm – 7 pm ~ April 17- June 5

Tuition $250.00 per session

This class will focus on developing your skills in scene acting and finding a monologue to fit your personality.  Learn techniques for bringing a scene to life.  Build your confidence and expand your audition skills. 

Special Needs Acting (Ages 14+)

Wednesday – 4 pm-5 pm ~ April 17- June 5

Tuition $150.00 per session

Developmentally disabled adults and teens will share the joy that acting brings to oneself and others.

Acting Classes for Students on the Autism Spectrum (Ages 8 - 17)

Wednesday – 5 pm-6 pm ~ April 17-June 5

Tuition $225.00 per session. * Pay as you can scale avaiable

This is a sensory-friendly, welcoming class where students will use theatre exercises and game to inspire imagination, 

communication, and interest in personal relationships for individuals on the autism spectrum with the aim to 

create a performance.


All Students must complete and bring in a registration form, photo/video consent form, and payment to the Theatre School at Music Mountain Theatre by the date of the first class. All Checks may be payable to Music Mountain Theatre.

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